Saturday, July 30, 2005


Hello, hello.... do you remind me?... I am me!!!
By Mariel Balboa *

Hello, do you remind me? I am me..... Yes, I am me, the death. He/she sent you this letter, to warn you that tomorrow, I will take you with me, I will take you of the hand and next to me, you will leave this earthly world to which you/they call him life.
No, don't become sad. Yes, I will take you tomorrow, you still have left 24 hours, an entire day, and, one day, it can be an entire life, only if you know how to take advantage of it. You go, make that this day, the last one that you have left, be worthy of repeating, I have here, to many suicides that, alone when they come me from front and their legs could not run, their head could not think and their lips could not tell you I want, forgive me, I sit down it, I always loved you.
Only there, they realized that the life is a lot, much more than those problems that you/they believed without solution and they requested me another opportunity, but not, me, the Death, I don't give second opportunities, not to people that will waste the valuable time that is the life.
This, is your day, make it, he/she dances under the rain, tell him that you love him, he/she asks for forgiveness to who harmed him, detente to look at the stars or to smell a rose. If you demonstrate me in this day that you are changed, I will allow to leave, I will give you a second opportunity, take advantage of it.
Sincerely, The Death
(*) Mariel Balboa


A history to meditate
By Natalia Aldana *

When requesting something, one has to be very careful because any thing can happen so that that happens.
March 15 the 2000, Tania a 14 year-old girl, motivated by the ambition of being as famous as tv people was where a witch. When arriving there it did count the witch that was it that him aproblemaba, did the witch give him a dancer and did she tell him": are you willing to everything?"
She answers that yes, then he/she added: this dancer will complete you your desire, you have that you keep it until you are completed and for anything of the world should throw away it." When hearing that Tania it was more confident, but the witch's look insinuated that this would not be good for Tania.
When arriving home, did Tania's mother tell him kindly I heat you food"?, but her neither he/she looked at it (Tania is that type of arrogant people and she thought that her mother was inferior to her for she should not speak to it him). When arriving at their bedroom, the dancer took in her hands and she said I want to be famous! I want to be famous"!.
When opening the eyes, he/she noticed that the dancer had changed color to a red one very strong, she got scared a lot and she decided to go where the witch. The witch looked at the dancer and of the fear she threw it, but I joust Tania she took it, the witch told him that you outside of there and Tania left very afraid for the witch's expression.
Days later, their friends commented him that the witch escaped in that moment, to the knowledge that Tania got scared a lot. One day, to the awakening realized that away from its he/she marries they heard voices, he/she got scared a lot but then he/she armed of value and it left. Out there was people's multitude, when seeing it all they ran toward her, in that instant Tania knew that she was internationally a very very famous, well-known artist. In that moment he/she began to laugh because their desire had been completed.
One day, when he/she remembered the dancer that gave him the witch, it began her to look for. He/she found it low of the bed, but the dancer shone dirty. When he/she cleaned it he/she noticed that the sweet dancer was a disgusting and hideous black witch and that with blood she had written you GET READY to PAY."
When reading this Tania he/she got scared a lot and he/she began to scream. The following day it hired an investigator to look for the witch. At the time later knew that the witch was called Tania, and that few days ago she had died hung and in the stomach she had written I ALREADY FOUND YOU."
In that moment Tania turned pale. Days later, when Tania neither he/she remembered that happened he/she decided to leave the recording of a movie late, when it was in the parking it felt a voice that he/she called it. In this she hurried to arrive to their car, he/she saw that a shade followed it, and it was somebody high and thin, very afraid and remembering what the detective told him Tania began to scream, but the voice told him: for what reason you scream my daughter", when hearing this he/she began to cry.
In that moment their mother went out with a revolver, Tania with panic and sadness told to its mother that didn't shoot him, but it stops the mother then it was willing to everything with such of killing its daughter. When it was about to shoot him did he/she say that if he/she wanted a last desire that requested it, and did Tania ask him: why do you make this?"
Did the mother look at it, did she laugh, did you/he/she become serious and did she say: do you find little?, I was 22 years of my life taking care so that you always treated me like a maid, but I already got tired of following you the game, for that reason I will kill you to get rid of you!!
Tania despaired and she tried to make her mom react, but the mother had already passed to the madness.
The 24 of the 2002 Tania died to receive 2 shots in the skull, 2 in the right leg and 2 in the thorax.
In these moments Tania's mother is in a psychiatric hospital paying her condemnation.
(*) Natalia Aldana /she lives in the commune of MaipĂș, Santiago. CHILE